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Barak Valley
Bus Service in Barak Valley
The following Bus services offer safe and comfortable journey.  There are Government, Under Government, Private Bus Service are Available. 

Inter-State Bus Service 


  Cachar District  

1. Silchar to Guwahati :- Day & Night Service

2. Silchar to  Shillong  :- Day & Night  Service

3. Silchar to  Agartala :- Only Day Service

4. Silchar to Mizoram  :-  Day & Night  Service


5. Lakhipur to Guwahati (via Shillong):-  Day & Night Service


6. Lakhipur to Agartala Via (silchar):-  Only Day Service


7. Silchar to Imphal             Day Service.



1. Hailakandi  to Guwahati:- Day & Night Service

2. Hailakandi to  Shillong:-  Day & Night  Service

3. Hailakandi to  Agartala:- Only Day Service

4. Hailakandi to Mizoram:-  Day & Night  Service


5.Lala / Katlichara to Guwahati (via Shillong):-  Day & Night Service


6.Lala / Katlichara to Mizoram:-  Night Service


1. Karimganj  to Guwahati      Day & Night Service

2. Karimganj to  Shillong    Day & Night  Service

3. Karimganj to  Agartala      Only Day Service

4. Karimganj to Mizoram       Day & Night  Service

5.R.k.Nagar to Guwahati   (via Shillong) Day & Night Service


6. R.K.Nagar  to Agartala Via (silchar)  Only Day Service

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 Bus Service Provider
 ASTC (Deluxe Bus)
Under ASTC  (E-Class Bus)
Capital Travels (Private) (Deluxe Bus)
Network Travels (Private) (Deluxe Bus)
Jaganah Travels (Private) (Deluxe Bus)
Blue Hills Travels (Private) (Deluxe Bus)


1. Silchar  to Lumding : Every day evening.

2. Silchar to Karimganj : Service

3. Silchar to Hailakandi : Only Day Service

4. Silchar to Dharmanagar :       Day Service

5.Silchar to Jirigath) Day  Service

Silchar to Guwahati Every day

Silchar to Calcutta Every day.

Silchar to Aizwal.

Silchar to Imphal.

Silchar to Agartala.

Kumbir Gram Air Port (Silchar)