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Best Public Schools in India

Pay less and get more with public schools

When the matter is of education, most of the parents prefer getting their child admitted in a public school. The reasons behind are numerous. First and the foremost is the aegis under which these public schools are run. Government or some other legal regulatory body controls them. Similarly, their fee charges are also less as compared to privately owned schools.

There are defined rules and regulations pertinent to admissions, examinations and eligibility to competitions in these public schools. Unlike private schools, they are not run on the whims and fancies of the management of the school. The marks and grades secured under the grading body of public schools are considered valid and acceptable by all the higher authorities and educational institutes in the country.

Some of the renowned public schools in India are:

         Amtulís Public School

         Delhi Public School

         Army Public School

         Bangalore Military School

         Modern School

         Sainik School

         G.D. Birla Memorial School

         Bishop Cotton School

         St. Johnís Residential International School

         The Doon School

All parents wish to secure the future of their children and make them a proud and competent citizen of the nation. Public schools bring changes and modifications in the teaching and learning patterns to cope up with the changing times and to equip the child with the recent developments. Public schools are no doubt the best choice and when they are one of the top institutes in the nation, then there can be nothing as good as this.

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